Oleo Bone

The Client:  Battlefront Legal

Services: Website Design, SEO, PPC.

Case Study: Tailored Website Design for Attorney Christopher Harrison

Introduction: Attorney Christopher Harrison was on the cusp of inaugurating his law firm in Pahrump, a town located just outside of Las Vegas. He had a distinct vision: a website that resonated with the Pahrump community. It was imperative for us to understand the demographics and interests of Pahrump’s residents to craft a site that would speak directly to them.

Objective: To design a website for Attorney Harrison that truly represented the spirit of Pahrump, ensuring it was relatable and engaging for the local populace.

Design Process: To bring Harrison’s vision to life, our team delved deep into understanding the local culture, values, and interests of Pahrump residents. With these insights, we were equipped to create a site tailored to reflect the town’s unique identity.

Outcome: The result was a website that not only encapsulated Pahrump’s essence but also exceeded Attorney Harrison’s expectations. The design, aesthetics, and content were all meticulously crafted to align with the town’s ethos, ensuring that the firm was perceived as a local and trustworthy entity.

Marketing and Growth: Beyond the design, our partnership with Attorney Harrison extended to digital marketing. We implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy, encompassing pay-per-click ads and SEO. This strategic push yielded phenomenal results. By the time of this review, Harrison’s firm had already secured its first multimillion-dollar client, a testament to the efficacy of our combined efforts.

Conclusion: Attorney Christopher Harrison’s satisfaction with the website and the tangible success he achieved stands as a testament to the importance of a localized approach. Our endeavor to understand Pahrump’s distinct identity and blend it with Harrison’s professional vision ensured not only a website he loved but also measurable business success.