The Challenge

While Charlie’s web designer did an excellent job on the design, it was designed in a way that search engines wouldn’t necessarily pick up on. In other words: it was not correctly optimized. To gain organic traction, we generated content people would search for.

The Solution

Our SEO strategy got Charlie’s site to earn a massive increase in ranked keywords and put them him at the top of search results.

Of course, not all the traffic was from SEO but once his site started to gain momentum from search, it started to go viral.

The Results

We helped his site get seen by just enough people for him to get noticed and one day he received an invite to audition on The Voice. The rest as they say is history.

“I met Jonas a few years back in Amsterdam, and we hit it off very well. I was trying to launch my music career, and he agreed to help me with my website and the SEO to gain visibility. 

When Jonas returned to Denver, we continued to work together, and one day it all paid off when I got a call from The Voice, and as they say, the rest is history. 

Thank you so much, my friend.”