The Client:  FTX

Services: Website Design, SEO, PPC, Security.

The Challenge


FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2019, has managed over $700 billion in assets by 2022, making it the third largest crypto exchange in the world.

When they started, they wanted a website that was easy to use and hacker-proof, as this website would manage tens of millions in digital assets.

After that, they wanted to get as many people as possible in the crypto space to their site.

The Solution

Our co-founder Bush was one of the team members who designed the FTX website.  This was a massive undertaking, not only to build it but to build it in a way that left no code vulnerabilities, as the site would be a significant target for hackers.   Once complete,  a campaign was launched on Hacker One to have ethical hackers try to penetrate the site.

We also launched a PPC campaign to target their intended audience as well as launch a full-scale SEO campaign.

The Results

The website was never able to be hacked in those two years. 

Regarding the PPC and SEO efforts, we helped get this company to over 1 million registered members in less than 600 days.

Sadly, in November, we were ordered to stop all marketing efforts for FTX due to FTX committing one of the largest crypto scams in US history.