Oleo Bone

The Client:  Private

Services: Pay-Per-Click, Social Media

Case Study: Amplifying the WallStreetBets Phenomenon

Introduction: In late December 2020, our co-founder was presented with a unique challenge by a private entity: to turbocharge the growth of the Reddit forum, WallStreetBets, and shed light on the operation titled “Short Squeeze.”

Objective: The mission was clear – devise and execute a large-scale promotional strategy, leveraging both PPC and social media, to direct an unprecedented influx of investor traffic to the WallStreetBets Reddit forum.

Strategy Implementation: Preparation began swiftly. His team initiated a Craigslist campaign across the top 20 cities nationwide, seeking individuals with significant social media followings to help promote the WallStreetBets cause.

By January 21st, 2021, armed with a generous seven-figure budget, our meticulously crafted PPC and social media campaigns were unleashed.

Outcome: The results were nothing short of spectacular:

  • Our PPC initiatives alone funneled 3.4 million visitors to the Reddit forum.
  • The engagement of over 200 promoters, who amplified the buzz through video content, further catalyzed the campaign’s momentum.
  • WallStreetBets saw an explosive growth rate, welcoming over 200,000 new members daily.
  • A testament to the forum’s influence, Game Stop stock skyrocketed from a modest $4.00 to a staggering figure of nearly $500.00 per share within the month.

Conclusion: The WallStreetBets promotional campaign stands as a testament to the potency of integrated digital strategies. Through a fusion of PPC and influencer engagement, we not only met but significantly surpassed our client’s aspirations, marking a resounding success in the annals of digital marketing campaigns.