Oleo Bone

Click Fraud Protection Blocks All the Fake Impressions and Clicks That Use up Your Budget

In 2023, click fraud will waste 20% of your PPC budget, according to studies. Competitors, bots, and click farms can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget. 

We Ensure That Malicious Sources Don't Access Your Ads


Brand Haters

Click Farms

Fake Clicks


Competitor Clicks

Competitors will do anything to get the number one spot on Google. Some will even click on your ads to deplete your advertising budget. 

If they use up your budget, then their ads move up in Google for that day. Our services will help you prevent these wasted Competitor Clicks.

Brand Haters

Not everyone wants to see you succeed. There are brand haters who will do anything to bring down your business.

Most brand haters will try to deplete your budget and ruin your marketing campaigns. But fret not! Our Fraud Prevention Services have you covered.

Click Farms

Click farms are large-scale click fraud operations that run on social media channels and search engine results.

Their main aim is to inflate the click volumes and search engine results. However, we offer a remedy for these fraudulent operations.

Fake Clicks

The only way to get conversions is through genuine traffic. To improve the quality of traffic, you need to block fake clicks. Our services help you achieve this to increase your conversions.

Bots Clicks

Nearly half of internet traffic is non-human. About 40% of traffic comes from Bots that have no intention of making conversions, wasting your advertising budget through fake clicks.

Custom Reports Show Your Savings

You can see firsthand where the traffic we block is coming from.  Our custom reports show you how many clicks were saved and the total PPC budget cost saved by blocking the fraudulent clicks to your campaigns.