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Cookies Policy

Last Updated 5/1/2023

This Cookie Policy describes what Cookies are and our methods of using them. It’s important for you to review this policy to grasp the kinds of cookies we utilize, as well as the data we gather through them and its usage.

While cookies usually don’t hold data that directly identifies an individual, the personal details we have about you can be connected to the data sourced from and stored in cookies. To learn more about how we handle, store, and safeguard your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

We ensure not to save sensitive details like mailing addresses, account passwords, and the like within the cookies we employ.

Explanation and Terminology

In the context provided, terms with their initial letters capitalized are defined as per the conditions stated below. These definitions hold their meaning whether they are presented in singular or plural forms.

Glossary: Within this Cookies Policy:

  • “Company” (referred to as either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement) refers to Rank Kings, LLC, 2821 S Parker Rd – Penthouse 15 – Aurora, CO 80014.

  • “Cookies” are small data files deposited on your computer, mobile, or other devices by a website. These files store information about your browsing activities on that particular website.

  • “Website” denotes Rankkings.com, which can be accessed via https://rankkings.com/

  • “You” designates the person who visits or interacts with the Website. This could be an individual, a corporation, or any legal body that the person represents while accessing or using the Website.

The use of the Cookies 

Cookies can be categorized as either “Persistent” or “Session” cookies. While Persistent Cookies stay on your PC or mobile device even after you disconnect from the internet, Session Cookies are removed immediately upon closing your browser.

We employ both session and persistent cookies for specific reasons:

  1. Necessary/Essential Cookies

    • Type: Session Cookies
    • Managed by: Us
    • Purpose: These Cookies are crucial to offering you the services accessible via the Website and for utilizing some of its functionalities. They play a role in user authentication and in thwarting illegitimate usage of user accounts. The services you request cannot be delivered without these Cookies, and they are exclusively used to render these services.

  2. Functionality Cookies

    • Type: Persistent Cookies
    • Managed by: Us
    • Purpose: These Cookies enable us to recall your choices, like login credentials or language settings, when you navigate the Website. Their main goal is to offer you a tailored experience and save you the trouble of setting your preferences every time you visit.

  3. Tracking and Performance Cookies

    • Type: Persistent Cookies
    • Managed by: Third Parties
    • Purpose: These Cookies collect data on Website traffic and user patterns. The data obtained might directly or indirectly pinpoint you as a distinct visitor, primarily since the collected details are usually connected to a pseudonymous identifier tied to your device. These Cookies might also be utilized to evaluate new ads, pages, capabilities, or the Website’s new features to gauge user responses.

  4. Targeting and Advertising Cookies

    • Type: Persistent Cookies
    • Managed by: Third Parties
    • Purpose: These Cookies are designed to analyze your browsing tendencies to present more relevant advertisements to you. By studying your browsing history, they group you with users having analogous preferences. Leveraging this data, and upon our authorization, third-party advertisers can deploy Cookies to display ads deemed pertinent to your preferences on other sites.

Your Choices Regarding Cookies

If you’d rather not have Cookies from our Website, you’ll need to first turn off the Cookies setting in your browser and then erase the Cookies linked to our website that are already stored. You have the freedom to use this method to prevent Cookie usage anytime.

By choosing not to accept our Cookies, your experience on our Website might be less smooth, and certain features may not work as intended.

To remove Cookies or set your browser to decline or remove them, refer to the assistance section of your browser.

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