Meet The Co-Founding Misfits

JC – AKA “Fat Tony”
“I slip my co-workers Adderall daily.”
Las Vegas, NV

Fat Tony has amassed more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, with expertise in applying persuasive technology into website design, SEO, and PPC.

Before co-founding Rank Kings, Fat Tony started Mindhak, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in brain hacking. The websites and ads created by Mindhak were designed to provoke a neurological response.

Fat Tony has been contracted to design websites for Columbia Records and Warner Music Group. Fat Tony was also the Marketing Director for for five years, making Backpage one of the world’s top 100 most visited sites.

Fat Tony has his degree in Neuroscience and attended the Persuasive Technology Institute at Stanford University.

Alexis – AKA “Boozer”
“I drink beer and expense it as therapy.”

Denver, CO

Boozer brings over 14 years of digital marking experience to Rank Kings with an emphasis in paid ads.

Boozer was formerly the co-founder of a marketing company called Dopamine Labs – A name created from the dopamine molecule found in our brains that aids in the creation of desire and pleasure.

Boozer started her career working for Google as a member of their Google Ads team, where she became one of the account managers for accounts with $100,000 in monthly ad spend.

Boozer received a B.S. in Neuroscience from UCLA.

Rachel – AKA “Pokey”
“I’m the professional babysitter.”
Houston, TX

Pokey is one of Rank King’s co-founders and brings over 15 years of digital marking experience with her.

Prior to co-founding Rank Kings, pokey was the director of growth for Only Fans. A website that now gets over 300 million monthly visits.

Pokey has also been a marketing consultant for Tic Tok and PornHub.

Pokey studied business management at the University of Houston.

Meet The Management Team

This team is responsible for managing the full staff of Rank Kings on a daily basis.

Tammy – AKA “Kick Boxer”
Organic Traffic
“I can get your momma on page one.”
Miami, FL

Morning – AKA “Purple”
Link Building
“All I do is links, links, and links.”
Las Vegas, NV

Shannon – AKA “The Writer”
Creative Content

“I write the shit people read.”

Boulder, CO

Debrah – AKA “Sales”
“I can sell a painting to a blind person.”
Boston, MA

Mike – AKA “The Gatekeeper”
DB/Server Admin
“I hacked the FBI site to remove my name.”
San Diego, CA

Mike #2 – AKA “Football Mike”
Web Developer
“I build kick-ass websites.”
Dallas, TX

Paula – AKA “Analytics”
“I crunch numbers like nobody’s business.”
Seattle, WA

Stacy – AKA “Lost”
Social Media
“I’m not lost; change my nickname.”
Chicago, IL