Oleo Bone

Geofence Marketing - Fine-Tuned Advertising Targeted by GPS

Target 1 to 1 million individual locations with pinpoint accuracy. 

With our Geo-Fencing, you can target people in a competing store, tradeshow, mall, stadium, or just about any place your customers go. 

How Geo-Fencing Advertising Works

  • A virtual geofence is traced around a location where you want to build an audience based on their visit to that particular location during a set, scheduled timeframe.
  • The geofence can be as small as the contours of the building (less than 3 feet).
  • When people enter the geo-fenced location during the set timeframe, they will become part of an audience that can later be targeted following the event.
  • As users visit various apps downloaded on their phone (Angry Bird, Weather Channel, Emoji Keyword, Words With Friends) or browse the internet on mobile browsers, they see our ads for your product.
  • Users can see those Ads for one day and up to 30 days after they have entered the geo fence.
  • Via geo-framing, we can even reach users who have visited those exact locations in the past two years.

Examples of Geofencing Marketing


Use Geofencing to Target Buildings, Nearby Traffic & Even Yourself for Customer Loyalty Marketing


Use Geofencing to Target Convention Centers, Stadiums, Sporting Events & Trade Shows


Use Our New Addressable Geofencing to Target Individuals Households: 1,000–1,000,000 Addresses


Target Other Retailers or Your Competitor’s Locations and Serve Ads to Their Customers

Key Geo Fencing Benefits

You only need location services of mobile device turned on. NO OTHER REQUIREMENTS NEEDED!

90% of individuals typically have location services turned on.

Does not require Physical BEACONS.

Location file import and export capability.

Granular localization via custom shapes & sizes.

Target location visitors or event attendees for 1 day – 30 days.

Serve ads across the 600,000 apps we have access to.

Retarget customers who visit or commute through any geo-fenced location.