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SEO Technical and Forensic Audit

If your website is not ranking well or has lost search visibility, it’s time for an SEO audit.

Our SEO Audit will uncover identifying problems and give easy-to-understand solutions to restore and grow your organic rankings, guaranteed.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is something every site should have done, as this audit is a detailed analysis of your website’s technical factors related to search engine optimization.

The primary goal behind a technical SEO audit is to make sure sites like Google can crawl, index, and, most importantly, display your web pages in the right search results.

A technical SEO audit helps to understand if the pages on your website are in line to maximize its organic keyword potential in search engines.

Forensic SEO Audit

Have you seen a sudden decline in your website’s SEO traffic? If so, this is the time to call our team of experts in forensic SEO audits.

As soon as a traffic drop happens, many people are too quick to blame algorithm updates as the root cause.

But it could be much deeper than that. It could be due to a handful of other things to blame, such as technical issues, content changes, malware injections, etc.

So, by conducting a forensic SEO audit of your website, we will evaluate all the possible reasons for the drop in traffic. Then, we can present the findings and show you how to correct them to restore your traffic not only to where it was but to new levels of growth.

Sample Audit Report

Click the image to see what our sample audit looks like.   Our SEO audits serve three purposes.

1.  Identify the issues

2.  List them by importance.

3.  Show you how they affect your site and how to fix it.  

Our SEO Audit Includes

SEO Audit Pricing Options

Competitor Audit

$ 299
  • Up to 5 competitors
  • Traffic and SEO Ranking
  • Delivery 5 days

Onsite Audit

$ 399
  • 50 Point SEO Check
  • Includes Content Audit
  • Delivery 5 days

Technical Audit

Most Requested
$ 599
  • 125 Point SEO Check
  • Includes Content Audit
  • Delivery 7 days


$ 799
  • 150 Point SEO Check
  • Included Content Audit
  • Includes Technical Audit
  • Delivery 7 days

Forensic Audit

$ 999
  • 200+ Point SEO Check
  • Includes Content Audit
  • Includes Technical Audit
  • Delivery 14 days

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